About me



I've been working in the film industry since 1986 as a professional stuntman. Doing all round stunts I've focused on high falls, diving, full burn, aerial work, fight choreography, precision driving... so cars as motorcycles... my first experience with rigging was in 1997, mostly providing safety for the actors and the crew. The break point in rigging for me came in 2006 when I started working as a Key rigger mostly on projects being shot in Turkey and Poland. There was a 2nd break point in my stunt career in 2015.

When I shifted my focus almost completely on rigging. I provide the production companies with the full rigging service from preparations till the last details while shooting. The equipment I provide is a high quality tested material mostly Amspec, Climbing Sutra,Petzl,etc. Amongst all I offer I mainly use e.g. Flying and climbing harness's 1,jerk vests,any kind of climbing equipment,crash mats, ratchet pistons,trolley,any kind of breaking devices,lighting trusses,etc...

Skills & Abilities

I am able to provide you all stunts skills, all rigging abilities, fighting, sword fighting, skiing, snowboarding, diving, scuba-diving, swimming, fire full body, falling to Air Bag and boxes, jumping from trampolines - Russian swing, air ramp driving - cars, trucks, motorbikes, boats, snowmobiles, scooters, boxing, wrestling, cycling, climbing, skating, horse-riding, sailing, shooting.

Since 1986 member of FILMKA STUNT TEAM